Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Hitman 1&2

My Favorite wrestler Bret "Hitman" Hart the first done all in Adobe Illustrator and the second in Illustrator and Photoshop

Lola Love

Lola is a beautiful video vixen and model who took the world by storm in '08 being in every major hip hop video and urban magazine she's gorgeous to say the least anyway done completely in photoshop

The Animal

WWE'S own animal Batista done in Photoshop using a reference photo of him


My Favorite music artist in the whole world immortalized by me now I put my favorite lyrics from his many classic songs it was so difficult to pick the lyrics anyway, done in pencil and ink then colored and designed in photoshop


Done in pencil on Bristol still trying to figure out exactly how to paint this thing it's more difficult than it looks

Random Party Flyers pt 2

Just More party flyers for ya

The Amazing 2

Another done In photoshop using the promotional photos from the movie Gotta love that spidey!!!!

Random Party Flyers pt 1

All these were done for various nightclubs in the city and all very done with Photoshop

The Amzing

I did This in Photoshop and used the Movie Poster as a guide if u google the poster You will notice that the original had the black costume and I changed it to the classic costume

Ms. Generia's invite

I designed this for a Sweet Sixteen Party coming up at the end of this month and the theme came from her wonderful mother (who paid so she's lovely to me too) To use seventeen magazine and flip it and this is how it came out done all in photoshop


Here is Another done in Photoshop it took about 2 days to get this the way I wanted. Done in pencil and inks on bristol

Thick Is The New Thin

My First Post is a personal favorite of mine it's call "Thick is the New Thin" It took 5 to 6 hours to draw. The concept was that being thick was overtaking the slim female in the public eye and this was the way I expressed it. Done on Bristol in pencil and ink and the colored version done in Photoshop